Genealogy Quest

Are you interested in learning how to go about finding your family history?

Join the Genealogy Quest Group, which meets here in the Library on the last Tuesday of each month (except during summer months). Meetings are free and open to the public. Meetings begin at 7:00pm and are located in the SAL room.

Upcoming Meetings:

(Meetings begin at 7:00pm)

Tuesday, August 29 – Speaker: Ed McGuire – Irish Genealogy

Tuesday, September 26 – Our yearly trip to Wally Wallace’s House on Blush Hill with
Wally leading the program: “The Journals of Enoch Hayes Place”, maybe a bit on DNA, and
probably more on the ever-mysterious Moultons of New Salem and Danvers, Mass.”
Before Wally’s program we will take a few minutes to discuss our special project that
Debbie Fiske has suggested.

Project: Over the summer consider what Genealogy goal you wish to reach in the coming months – this can be anything from researching one person, finding new ways to add information to your genealogies, making something for family members, making contact with “long lost” relatives or anything that you want to accomplish — you decide what is important. As always, we will all have tips on how you can achieve this target. And if your objective shows signs of a brick wall, it can always be reset or you can report on all the theories that were tried. We will do an update in November to see how it is going for everyone. You have until the April 2018 meeting to work on your goal. We will all share our results at that meeting.

Tuesday, October 24 – Linda Kaiser – Explaining the different types of Census that are

Tuesday, November 28 – Open Discussion and also, updates on how the special projects are progressing.

No meeting in December

Tuesday, January 30 – Anita Krauth – medical instruments of past & present

Tuesday, February 27 – Open Discussion

Tuesday, March 27 – Rebecca Cornell presents a DNA program

Tuesday, April 24 – Did you meet your Genealogy Goal for the past 7 months?
Discussion of how your September goal was realized, needs more work, or hit a brick wall.