Maker Series – February (Tuesdays)

*Tuesday, February 6,

Coding for kids, Scratch Jr./ Hopscotch. 3-4 PM.

Kids will learn how to make their own interactive stories and animations using code from Scratch Jr. and Hopscotch computer programs. Ages 8 to 11.


*Tuesday, February 13,

Lego Challenge: Valentine’s Day. 3-4 PM.

Strengthen your STEM muscles and spark your imagination with an abundance of Lego bricks. Ages 8 to 11.


*Tuesday, February 20,

Strawbees. 3-4 PM.

Children will be introduced to the different Strawbees connectors and explore how to build shapes from an idea card using straws and connectors. This exercise is for children to discover the capabilities of Strawbees with free building. Children may choose to work in teams or individually. Ages 8 to 11.


*Please call to register for this program-space is limited. 244-7036