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Friends of the Waterbury Public Library



The Friends of the Library usually meet on the first Monday of every month (usually) at 5:30 PM in the Library.

Check out the Friends' website here!

The next Friends of the Waterbury Library meeting is the Annual Meeting followed by a regular meeting, on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 5:30 PM

in the new library at 28 North Main Street.

If you can't make it to the meetings, you can easily become a"Friend"

by helping out in many other ways. Find out how by following the

Friends of the Waterbury Library Facebook page, and give them a "Like".

Check out this PSA by Paula Poundstone:

The Friends of the Waterbury Public Library is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization which was organized in 1966 to promote and enhance the library, to be a liaison between the library and the community, to strengthen library services through financial contributions, to provide volunteers for special projects and activities, and to raise funds for the construction of new or improved library facilities.  

From the beginning, the Friends have worked to improve library facilities and services.  Members raised money to install the first telephone at what was then known as the Waterbury Village Public Library in 1968.  They continued to pay the monthly bill for the next fifteen years.

The Friends have often helped the library pioneer new services and technologies.  From buying the library’s first computer to paying for the first downloadable audio book service in 2008, the Friends have been dedicated supporters of new technology.   More recently, the Friends helped purchase a new mini lap-top computer and a media projector and co-sponsored the library’s e-Book service and the Mango Online Language program.  Even the latest design of the library’s new website is sponsored by the Friends.

An important part of the Friends’ mission involves supporting the library’s services for children.  Ongoing projects include the Books for Babies program, which gives a book to each child born to a Waterbury or Duxbury family, and providing support for special events in conjunction with the annual children’s summer reading program. 

The annual landscaping of the library grounds; staffing the library table at the annual Home & Leisure Show; and organizing the summer book sale are among the Friends other projects.  The primary sources of operating funds for the Friends’ activities are an annual fund drive and a summer book sale.

If you would like to get involved with the Friends, or if you’re just curious and would like to know more, you’re invited to attend one of their meetings at 5:30 PM on the first Monday of the month at the library.   New members are always welcome.

The officers of the Friends for 2015-2016 are President, Linda Siegel; Vice President, Elise Werth; Secretary, Lila Hamel; and Treasurer, Lise Bornstein-Malter.

Friends of the Waterbury Library Board 2015-16 (left to right): Elise Werth,

Linda Siegel, Lise Bornstein-Malter, and Lila Hamel.



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