• Race Conversations – 3rd Tuesdays

    All members of the community are invited to join in the conversation of race. What is the meaning of race?  What is the impact of racism on our community?  Eventually and hopefully, the question will arise: what can we do about it?

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  • Songwriting Workshop with Dan Murphy – 7/16 (Tues)

    When: Tuesday, July 16th from 6:30-8 pm All levels of experience welcome! Space is limited – please call call 244-7036 to register.   My name is Dan Murphy and, like […]

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  • Aaron Copland’s America – 7/24 (Wed)

    Pianist Michael Arnowitt offers a program surveying the music of Aaron Copland, who created what is considered today to be a distinctively American sound in classical music.

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  • Vermont Wild – 7/30 (Tues)

    When: Tuesday, July 30th 7-8 pm in the Steele Room Megan Price, author of the popular book series “Vermont Wild” and a MOTH Slam Winner, shares secrets from the stories-behind-the-stories […]

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  • Max Out Your Library Card! – 8/13 (Tues)

    Join our workshop to learn about how your library card allows you to stream movies, concerts and lectures, to take hundreds of different continuing education courses, to learn foreign languages, to download audio & ebooks, to read magazines online, check out museum passes, research your ancestry, fix a car – all of this is for FREE with your library card!

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What’s Happening

Writers’ Wertfrei

“Wertfreiheit” meaning non-judgmental or value free.  These gatherings are a place where writers can come, share their work, received comments and suggestions in a supportive, caring environment.