One-on-One Technology Help Sessions

WHEN: By appointment – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Need help using your new tablet or laptop? Want to get started online but don’t know how? Waterbury Public Library is offering computer and other personal electronic device assistance in the form of free 60 minute one-on-one help sessions.
Help topics we cover include:

  • Computer basics (Windows 7, 8, 10, Macs & Ipads)
  • Downloading library eBooks, audiobooks and magazines to your eReader, tablet or other device
  • Using an iPad, Kindle, Android device or smartphone
  • Setting-up an email, Facebook, Skype or other account
  • Organizing files, photos and music
  • Microsoft Office Basics (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • USB Flash Drives to save personal files
  • Google Drive, Cloud Computing
  • Addressing other specific questions

Schedule a Help Session
Currently we are scheduling 30-60 minute appointments with our Technology Librarian by appointment, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. To schedule an appointment, call 802-244-7036. Please let us know when you call what topic you would like help with.

When scheduling a one-on-one technology help appointment, please remember:

  • Staff members are unable to troubleshoot or repair devices. The library is not liable for any damage to customer equipment that may occur during a help session.
  • Bring any device you need help with (including necessary power cords), or let the instructor know that you wish to use a library computer for instruction (Library computers run on the Windows 10 operating system).
  • Staff may not be able to provide assistance for all device types, programs, and problems. Appointments are available based on library staff availability; customers can only book sessions one at a time.