Songwriting Workshop with Dan Murphy – 7/16 (Tues)

When: Tuesday, July 16th from 6:30-8 pm

All levels of experience welcome!

Space is limited – please call call 244-7036 to register.


My name is Dan Murphy and, like you, I am a singer / songwriter.  These days, my primary musical entities are the local band ONEoverZERO and my own solo project, Daniel Waterhouse.  My musical evolution has gone something like this 1) Finding a cheap, old acoustic guitar in my family’s home in Cambridge, MA and teaching myself some open chords and power chords 2) With the assistance of a friend, recording my first song on a basic 4 track machine (a watershed moment for me).  3) Playing in bands that featured the songs of others, and later playing in bands that featured my songs (and recording these songs at a handful of music studios)  4) Learning the basic ins and outs of sound engineering (for a while I was doing Live Sound at ZenBarn here in Waterbury Center)   5) Building a recording studio, and making my own record from beginning to end, which you can find by googling “Daniel Waterhouse bandcamp,”  with the help of some friends that are listed in the credits.

I am hosting this songwriting workshop in the hope that my experiences can be helpful to your undertakings. In addition to fielding questions on anything and everything related to songwriting, I’ll also be addressing some specific topics that I feel are common threads that will be relevant to many of you including a) I have the beginning of a song in the form of “XYZ,”…what now?  b) Tools that can be useful in the process c) Identifying the notes in your songs and how to work with them.  If there is time, I will also begin to discuss the subject of how to make your songs come to life in the recording studio.  All levels of experience / aptitude are welcome.