January Maker Series – Wednesdays

All programs are for kids ages 8-11. Space is limited – please call 244-7036 to sign up. 

Tissue Paper Winter Trees 

Wednesday, January 2 from 3-4 PM

Make bright and cheerful tree pictures to display throughout the winter.  Use water colors, tissue paper squares and cardstock paper to make geometrical triangle trees.  Kids will be able to add different craft items to their pictures .


Lego Challenge: Tallest Tower

Wednesday, January 9 from 3-4 PM

Strengthen your STEM muscles and spark your imagination with an abundance of Lego bricks.


Create Your Own Craft

Wednesday,  January 16 from 3-4 PM

Create your own craft with markers, cardstock, scissors, scrapbooking papers, self adhesive foam stickers, buttons,  duct tape, different shaped hole punches and a whole lot more.


Board Games

Wednesday, January 23 from 3-4 PM

Pick from a variety of different board games to play today.


Coding for kids, Scratch Jr./ Hopscotch.

Wednesday, January 30 from 3-4 PM

Kids will learn how to make their own interactive stories and animations using code from Scratch Jr. and Hopscotch computer programs.