Download Audio Books – RB Digital

Digital Audio Books: RBdigital

The Waterbury Public Library offers a wide collection of audiobooks that are downloadable for free with your library card. We use the RBDigital platform for our audio books. RBdigital Audiobooks gives you access to a wide variety of audiobooks to stream or download.

What you need to get started:

Note: Only Non-protected audiobooks can be downloaded and transferred to portable listening devices.

Listening on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer:

Step 1

Register and get the app 

  1. You will need to register for an account before you can log into your app. You cannot register through the app – you need to register through the Waterbury Public Library website first.
  2. Go to the RBdigital eBooks and Audio website, select Register in the top right and complete the form. Use your Library Card #. Your PIN is the last five digits of your card #.

Note: If you used OneClickdigital in the past, you already have an RBdigital account. Use that account to sign into the app (Step 3 of this section).

  1. Go to your device’s app store and install the RBdigital app.
  2. Open it and select USA. Enter your RBdigital username. Tap Next.
  3. Enter your RBdigital password and tap Next. The app will connect to your account.
Step 2
Borrow and use titles
  1. Find and borrow items:
    • To browse all titles, tap  and tap Audiobooks, Magazines or Ebooks.
    • To search or browse by genre, audience and more, tap  and choose a format. Filter options will update according to your selection.
    • Tap a title of interest to learn more.
    • Tap Check Out to borrow it or Hold to place a hold.
  2. To open a borrowed title, tap  in the top left and tap Checked Out.
  3. Tap Play, Download or Read below a title’s cover, or tap the item’s cover and then tap Play or Read.

Tip: The first time you tap Play (for Audiobooks) or Read (for Magazines and eBooks), the title will automatically download. You can ensure that titles will download only on WiFi (as opposed to your data plan) by going to Menu > Settings > WiFi Only and selecting On.



Transfer an Audio Book to Your iPod

Step 1

  • Install the Media Manager software: 
    1. Go to ( to download the appropriate Audio Desktop App – Media Manager for your computer system (Windows or Mac)
    2. When the software opens, fill out the login screen:
      • Country = USA
      • enter the username & password you created during registration.
      • Library = Waterbury Public Library
      • you may choose to have the software save your login information & auto-login for future use.

      Upon login, the software’s checked out books area will be blank unless you have already checked out a book.

Step 2 

  1. Find an Audio Book you’d like to listen to.
    • You can do this in the Media Manager itself by clicking on the “Browse For a Title Online” icon in the upper right hand of the Media Manager. You will be taken to the Waterbury Public Library RBdigital website where you can check out your books.
  2. After you have checked out your books (don’t download them from the website), return to the Media Manager.
  3. If you don’t see your titles in the Media Manager, click the “refresh” button, located near the top of the screen.


Step 3

  1. Connect your iPod to the computer, wait for your computer to recognize it (usually opens iTunes).
  2. Click the Download & Transfer button for the book. If you had already downloaded the book to the computer (by selecting Play earlier or allowing the software to auto-download new checkouts), the button will be “Transfer.”
  3. Select your iPod if prompted by a “device picker” box (some computers skip this).
  4. A progress bar comes up. If the book was not already downloaded it will download the parts of the book, then transfer to the device. Do not disconnect or cancel out of the box until it says “complete.”