Movement Classes for Seniors – 10/19-12/14 (FRI)

When: 10/19-12/14 (Fridays) * No class 11/23

Classes are simple, no moves to follow, nothing to remember – just follow along with the instructor and enjoy!

Movement Classes for Seniors – Fridays 11am –11:30 

For seniors and those with limited mobility, movement can bring joy and happiness to your life!  Join Kenneth Russell of SASH for a fun, movement-based, light cardio workout with strength and balance activities included.  No counting, no reps– just simple moves to Country & Western, Big Band, lounge music and old favorites.

Qi Gong – Fridays 11:30-Noon

A continuation of simple meditative, relaxing movement patterns based on ancient Chinese concepts of health and well-being.  Done to a video by Lee Holden and led by Kenneth Russell.

Call 244-7036 to sign up for either class or both.  Limited to 12.