Role Playing Games for Beginners – 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13 (Sats)

When: Saturdays, 10am – Noon –  September 22nd through October 13th

Who: All Ages

Sign Up: Call the library at 244-7036 to sign up 

If you are new to tabletop role playing games, the Waterbury Public Library is the place to go.  Led by Jordan Streeter, the course will consist of two Saturday sessions of Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition by Gallant Knight Games followed by two Saturday sessions of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. By the end of this course, participants will have a grasp of character creation and basic play.

Tabletop role playing games (RPGs) are cooperative story telling where players take on personas in a variety of worlds (fantasy, sci-fi, western, etc.). Game play is mostly solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and interacting with other characters in a way that fits the characters the players have created.  With two or more people, and one player acting as the primary storyteller (typically referred to as a dungeon or game master), these games can build teamwork, nurture creativity, and help develop social skills for players of all ages.

Jordan Streeter is a passionate and dedicated gamer and founded “Gamers Against Alzheimer’s” after his father passed on two years ago.  Streeter decided to use his hobby for good, and along with running “Gamers Against Alzheimer’s”, he fundraises for the local Vermont chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  His goal is to find the first Alzheimer’s survivor.

Jordan began gaming as a child to improve his eye hand coordination and has been gaming ever since.  Since moving to Waterbury from New York four years ago, he began tabletop gaming.

This series at the Waterbury Library is to introduce new folks to the joy, fun and creativity of gaming. The class is open to all ages and all abilities.  For children with autism, the lesson of learning consequences for their actions, is an added benefit claims Streeter. If you can’t make all four of the classes of the series, you are still welcome to come to either the Tiny Dungeon 2 (for the first 2 weeks), or Dungeons and Dragons 5 (the final two weeks.)  However, the classes do build on the previous.  The first week being character creation and the second week, the run-through scenarios. Tiny Dungeon is the more basic system of character creation and scenarios; the rules are easy to pick up, and inexperienced players can feel at ease quickly.  Dungeons and Dragons builds on this with a more complex set of rules.