Maryellen Sullivan Abstract Photography

The Waterbury Library has space in their café for artists to display their work.  From photography to pastels, to watercolor, the Artist’s Café has boasted work from locals from the surrounding towns.

The library’s latest artist, Maryellen Sullivan Abstract Photographer is from Stowe.  The library will be showing her work for the next six weeks into November in both the café and the children’s area.

In describing Sullivan’s process, initially the photographs were to be inspiration for her paintings, but instead she fell in love with making abstract images for their own sake.  From composition to viewing from a multitude of angles, Sullivan sees a creation come to life.  Then when viewing the image from the screen, what she sees often surprises her.  The colors, shapes, lines and textures take on a new life.  From a crumbled, buckled metal siding yields a luminous orange drapery, or a decrepit old gasoline pump shows intricate patterns and color hues.

Ms. Sullivan was a practicing lawyer for many years before she retired and pursued her interest in art.  She is particularly drawn to both abstract painting and abstract photography.  Maryellen lives in Stowe with her husband, and their two dogs.  All artwork is available for sale.