October Maker Series

All Maker Series programs are for children ages 8-11. Please call the library to register – 244-7036. 


Wednesday, October 3 at 3-4 PM

Coding for kids, Scratch Jr./ Hopscotch

Kids will learn how to make their own interactive stories and animations using code from Scratch Jr. and Hopscotch apps using an iPad. They will also be able to learn the basics of coding using the Lightbot app if they prefer to start with that. 


Wednesday, October 10 at 3-4 PM

Lego Challenge: Build a Lego Halloween Display

Strengthen your STEM muscles and spark your imagination with an abundance of Lego bricks. 


Wednesday, October 17 & 24 at 3-4 PM

Paper Mache Pumpkins

Create a reusable pumpkin. During the first program, kids will make a paper mache pumpkin using a balloon as the base, paper mache, and string. Once they have finished covering the balloon with the paper mache they will leave it to dry until the next program. During the second program they can paint and decorate the pumpkin, they will be able to take it home. 


Wednesday, October 31 at 3-4 PM

Fun Loop Bracelets

Create rubber band bracelets in a snap with multicolored Fun Loops, beads, and pencils. Learn how to make a basic bracelet and then create your own design. Make a few bracelets to take home.