December Maker Series – (Weds)

Join us for our Wednesday Maker Series. Designed for children ages 8-11. Space is limited – please call to reserve a spot. 244-7036

Wed., Dec 5th. – Make a Holiday Card

Kids can create their own holiday cards with an array of colorful craft supplies which includes colorful blank cards, card stock, scrapbooking papers, buttons, winter foam stickers, feathers, craft scissors, hole punches of different designs, paint, and markers.


Wed., Dec 12th – Lego Challenge: Winter Village

Strengthen your STEM muscles and spark your imagination with an abundance of Lego bricks.


Wed., Dec 19th – CD Weaving

Kids will learn how to weave a colorful yarn design on a CD using plastic needles. They can add beads, buttons, flowers and feathers to their design. Once they are finished they can take them home and use them as a wall hanging or a coaster.