Pastel Artist Marcia Hill

The Waterbury Public Library is pleased to welcome Worcester pastel artist Marcia Hill to the Artist’s Café.  The library has been displaying a variety of visual arts from local artists, painters and photographers since moving into their new building a few years ago.  Marcia Hill’s exhibit depicts pastel paintings through the seasons and is aptly titled “Through the Seasons”.

Discovering painting later on in life, Hill finds that making paintings reflect her inner vision and express her ideas.  Says Hill, “I want to express the inner aliveness of things, particularly in the natural world. While I like art that is at least somewhat representational, I am not all that interested in accurate depiction. Rather, what I want to show is the spirit and energy – and even occasionally magic – that is present in every aspect of nature.  To that end, I like to exaggerate movement, and to amplify or even distort color.  I feel that these changes to ‘reality’ better reveal the truth underneath.”

Marcia Hill is primarily a self-taught artist. She has been juried into many gallery shows, won awards at shows, and shown her art in numerous venues around Vermont. Her paintings have been purchased by several businesses in other states, and grace homes of collectors throughout the United States. Her painting “Lemon Sunset” has been used for a CD cover by the band Yellow Sky, recipient of a Vermont Arts Council grant. She has also taught pastel classes for beginners. Marcia is recently retired from being a psychologist.

For more information, visit her website and blog:

Marcia’s paintings will be on display on both floors of the library until the end of December.