Crafty Tuesdays (Kids 8-11)

Kids ages 8-11 can join us for a variety of after-school craft activities on several Tuesdays. Space is limited – please call the library at 244-7036 to register.


Cosmic Sun Catchers – Tuesday, May 14 from 3-4 PM

It’s cosmic madness! Using plastic lids, food coloring and glue, make these amazing sun catchers that morph over time. The longer they sit in a sunny window and dry the more they will change. The food coloring will eventually begin to shrink as the glue hardens. When fully dry, peel the sun catcher off the lid, punch a hole through the top, add a string, and hang in a sunny spot.


Watercolor & Oil Painting – Tuesday, May 28 from 3-4 PM

This art project has a scientific twist, the concept that oil and water don’t mix. Kids will learn that no matter how hard you try these two liquids will avoid each other at all costs! Oil will either float on top or through the watercolors or, if applied to the paper first, prevent the watercolors from absorbing into the paper. The fun thing about this project is watching how the artwork changes as it dries. Kids will get to try a couple of variations of painting with oil and watercolors.