Travel & Culture – 2/11 (Tues)

Travel & Culture

Tuesday, February 11th from 6-8 pm

Love to Travel?  Want to further your education?

Looking for a cultural experience?

Interested in volunteering or teaching in another country?

You may be looking for adventure, you may love to travel but want to further your experiences, or you might be looking for something completely different.  Perhaps you are planning on working or volunteering in another country and have some concerns.  Whatever your motivation, do you know how to travel well?  Are you comfortable getting out of your comfort zone?  What about the language barrier, cultural rules (which you may not even have a clue about!), and yes, cultural shock.

Seasoned traveler Barbara Reynolds is a semi-retired educator of 17 years teaching internationally, with six years in the Vermont public school system.  Some of the places she has worked and lived include Vietnam, Qatar, East Timor, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Romania, Sri Lanka, Columbia and Greece.  She has also traveled to over 52 countries.  Barb has developed programs, pioneered an international school, trained international teachers in English and collaborated with the US Embassy to name just a few.  To say she is qualified to teach on travel and culture is an understatement.

Local folks also know Barb as a Master Gardener and former owner of a plant and landscape business in Waterbury.

Come to a fascinating talk full of adventure and unusual experiences, as Barb shares her journey.  Come with your questions if you too are thinking about planning an adventure, or working and/or volunteering internationally.