Beginner’s Bridge – Wed & Mon

When: Extended due to popular demand!

Mondays November 11th and 25th and Wednesdays, December 4th and 11th.

The times are the same 6-8 pm.

If you’ve always wanted to play bridge but felt intimidated, come to the Waterbury Library for a Beginners’ Bridge tutorial.

You may have played growing up or watched your parents back-in-the-day and wondered what it was all about.  Perhaps you play currently but want to go deeper into the strategies.  How do you bid?  What is the order?  What about your partner? How do you agree?  What is the language? What does trump mean and how does it function?

And then there is the play.  How do you play the hands?  How do you score? What does a rubber mean?  So many questions.

Grace Sweet has been playing bridge all of her adult life and began learning when she was just twelve. A retired elementary school teacher, Grace knows how to take a complicated subject and break it down into the basics.  She will go over the rudimentary plays and guide participants step-by-step.

Learn why bridge players are sharp in their old age.  Learn why bridge is “the game for a lifetime.”  Come away from the series more confident and skilled and have the option to join in a weekly bridge group right here in Waterbury.

Call 244-7036 to register.  12 people or 3 tables is the player limit, however others are welcome to sit in, observe and learn.