Crafty Tuesdays – Ages 6-11

Pasta Sun Catcher Craft

Tuesday, January 7, 3:15-4:15 PM.

Dyed Pasta, recycled lids and glue are used to make these pasta sun catchers. Kids will have an array of different colors to choose from to create many different sun catchers.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Optical Illusion Toy: Decotropes

Tuesday, January 21, 3:15-4:15 PM.

Kids will be making items that are similar to a thuamaotrope which is a classic optical illusion toy consisting of a card with two different pictures on each side; when spun rapidly the pictures appear to combine. Since they are using a pattern rather than a picture, the optical illusion toy will have it’s own name: Decotropes. Trope is the part of the word that means turning around and Deco stands for decorative. Using a template to be colored, kids will put together one or more Decotropes.

Ages 6 to 11 years.