From Stressed to Blessed – 10/21 (Mon)

What: From Stressed to Blessed

When: Monday, October 21st, 6:00-7:30 PM

“From stressed to blessed”- it’s easier than you think.  If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed, stuck, anxious or afraid, Louise SaintOnge is offering a workshop at the Waterbury Public Library that may help.  On Monday evening, October 21st from 6-7:30, SaintOnge will be teaching a clinically proven, very simple technique used to reduce your stress and anxiety, gain clarity, peace of mind, and awaken the body’s natural healing ability to restore health.  Known as Meridian Tapping (or EFT, “Emotional Freedom Technique), SaintOnge will introduce a useful self-help tool that can be used by anyone, for anything, at any time.

Louise SaintOnge, M.P.A. is an Energy Medicine practitioner, counselor, intuitive healer and published author. Her life has been devoted to the exploration and study of consciousness, the mind-body connection, eastern and western spiritual traditions, and alternative healing modalities.

Call the library at 244-7036 to register for this workshop.