Pastel Works on Display – Carol Eberlein

Carol Eberlein’s luscious pastels take you right into the scene she is depicting, whether a market in Morocco or a hillside church in Italy.  Her trips to Morocco and Italy, along with Croatia, Canada, and France are featured in her sometimes dusky, sometimes dazzling representations of some of the places she has visited over the years.

The Waterbury Library is pleased to host Eberlein’s pastels in their café until October 19th.

A painter of pastels since 2010, Eberlein loves the discoveries and surprises of light, shape and color as it evolves.  Remarkably, she says, “still-lifes are actually full of movement- light, shadow, storytelling.  They convey a sense of presence and human activity even if an individual figure isn’t represented.”  With landscapes too, Eberlein likes to include a human element or relationship with the environment- a bridge or building, a road or fence.

She credits not only classes and workshops but in a huge way- travel, as part of her development as an artist.  Places she has visited are featured in the display, though Eberlein credits Vermont as a mainstay of her place of beauty.

Carol, and husband John live part-time in Waitsfield.