Wednesday Maker Series – Ages 6-11 (Weds)

Wednesday Maker Series – Ages 6-11 (Weds)

Space is limited – please call 244-7036 to register.


Wednesday, December 18, 3-4 PM.

A paper toy, Flextangles, are seriously the coolest paper puzzle ever made. Decorating these and then seeing how the patterns and colors translate once folded is a wonderful exercise in geometric planning.


LEGO® Challenge: Animals

Wednesday, January 8, 3:15-4:15 PM * NEW TIME

Strengthen your STEM muscles and spark your imagination with an abundance of Lego bricks.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Straw Geodesic Dome

Wednesday, January 15, 3:15-4:15 PM

Geodesic domes are very efficient structures. Triangles are inherently stable shapes, so creating structures out of Interlocking triangles makes very strong, yet incredibly lightweight structures that can be adapted on a small level, like this project, to a massive level as in the Montreal Biosphere constructed for the 1967 World’s Fair. Kids will be making their own Geodesic Dome out of straws and pipe cleaners.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Magnetic Science

Wednesday, January 22, 3:15-4:15 PM.

Explore the invisible force of magnetism, floating rings and electromagnetic fields, with many magnets, a compass, and iron filings.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Creating with littleBits®

Wednesday, January 29, 3:15-4:15 PM.

This littleBits® creations program is designed for youth to both learn about and explore STEAM concepts and 21st century skills. The littleBits® are kits that are composed of electronic building blocks that are color-coded, magnetic, and make complex technology simple and fun. The kits will be set up as stations for kids to explore and create.

Ages 6 – 11 years.