Wednesday Maker Series – Ages 6-11

Maker series events are for children ages 6-11. Space is limited – please call to register: 244-7036


March 11, 3:15-4:15 PM- Paper Tops 

The paper tops are sturdy and easy to spin. They are made using a bead and a wooden skewer. Once they are formed, they can be decorated with sharpies. Once you’re done decorating, spin that puppy! Watch as the pentagon shape disappears and your designs blend into circles when the top spins.


March 18, 3:15-4:15 PM- 3D Coloring Using Quiver App

The Quiver App combines physical coloring from “back in the day” with state of the art augmented-reality technology. Coloring pages have never been so much fun! Coloring books will always be popular because they allow children to apply their own artistic vision to templates of their favorite characters, items, and places. Now with Quiver, children can bring their unique coloring creations to life in extraordinary 3D-augmented reality. Characters literally leap off the page, entertaining everyone.


March 25, 3:15-4:15 PM Breakout EDU: HASPY & LOCKIT: CODE BUDDIES

Join us & unlock something!

Breakout EDU is the immersive learning-games platform that brings the  challenges of an Escape Room to the Library. Work with others to solve puzzles and challenges provided by Breakout EDU.