Writers’ Wertfrei

    Writers, fledgling or published, all are welcome at our monthly gatherings of Writers’Wertfrei at the Waterbury Library.  “Wertfrei” comes from the German “Wertfreiheit” meaning non-judgmental or value free.  These gatherings are a place where writers can come, share their work, received comments and suggestions in a supportive, caring environment.

    The group meets monthly on certain Saturdays at the Waterbury Library from 10-noon. Bring 3-5 pages of writing that you are either currently working on or something that you have completed.  Newcomers welcome.  For more information contact Judi at or call 244-7036 to sign up.


    April 20th, May 25th, June 22nd, July 20th, August 17th from 10-noon

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    Race Conversations - 5/21 (Tues)

    When: Tuesday, May 21st - 6:30-7:30pm

    Last March “A History of the Concept of Race” was presented by Dr. William Edelglass at the Waterbury Public Library.  Professor Edelglass commented that the group elicited the most sincere post-talk he had ever witnessed.  The group decided to continue the conversation on race.  Beginning Tuesday, May 21st, from 6:30-7:30 and meeting the 3rd Tuesday of the month thereafter, this group will explore the questions of race, culture, power and equity to name but a few topics.

    The book by Ijeoma Oluo, “So you want to talk about race?” will serve as the text for discussion. Interested participants can pick up a paper copy of the Introduction “So you want to talk about race?” at the library. We will be working through the chapters throughout the summer.

    Participants can order a copy of Oluo’s book through the library’s interlibrary loan. Ask at the Help Desk. Bridgeside books will be offering a 15% discount for the book if folks want to purchase their own.

    All members of the community are invited to join in the conversation of race. What is the meaning of race?  What is the impact of racism on our community?  Eventually and hopefully, the question will arise: what can we do about it?

    This series will be facilitated by Life LeGeros from South Duxbury. He works at the University of Vermont as a professional development coordinator partnering with educators to help middle schools become more student centered. He earned his doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts-Boston and strives to deepen his understanding of equity every day through professional learning, reading, and engaging on Twitter with experts and conversations such as #ClearTheAir.


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    Effectively Gardening with Weather Extremes - 6/1 (SAT)

    Effectively Gardening with Weather Extremes

    When: Saturday, June 1st– 10-noon

    Snow in May, summer temps in October or December, no snow in winter, 25 feet of snow in winter… If you’ve been around a few years, you know that there is no predicting the weather. And now more than ever we are having extremes of weather.

    If you are a gardener, how do you deal with a soil that is too muddy to plant, or perhaps the opposite is true and there is drought?  Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, what can you do to bolster the health of your garden given our weather extremes?  If you have been wondering about this question, Horticulturalist Mimi Clark will be giving a workshop at the Waterbury Library on Saturday, June 1st from 10-noon on “How to Effectively Garden with Weather Extremes.”  There are many things a gardener can do ahead of time to insure the health of our gardens and crops.  Mimi will go over tips and tricks.

    Many may know Mimi Clark as a writer whose garden articles have appeared in the Valley Reporter, The Montpelier Bridge and the Times Argus.  She has also been known to plant random gardens in the sand to beautify the roadsides.

    Call 244-7036 to register.

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    Cutting the Cord to Cable - 6/11 (Tues)

    When: Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00pm

    Tired of paying high cable bills? Today’s access to the internet allows the use of alternative services to cable that let us watch the same shows and programs we are used to – often for a much smaller monthly bill! In this workshop we’ll discuss the various options including Smart TVs, Roku & Amazon Fire sticks, and streaming services. It’s ok if you have no idea how these things work – we’ll start from the beginning and you’ll leave with a better understanding of what would work best for your situation.

    Please register by emailing our Technology Librarian Delia at or calling the library at 244-7036.

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    One-on-One Technology Help Sessions

    WHEN: By appointment - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    Need help using your new tablet or laptop? Want to get started online but don’t know how? Waterbury Public Library is offering computer and other personal electronic device assistance in the form of free 30 minute one-on-one help sessions.
    Help topics we cover include:

    • Computer basics (Windows 7, 8, 10, Macs & Ipads)
    • Downloading library eBooks, audiobooks and magazines to your eReader, tablet or other device
    • Using an iPad, Kindle, Android device or smartphone
    • Setting-up an email, Facebook, Skype or other account
    • Organizing files, photos and music
    • Microsoft Office Basics (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
    • USB Flash Drives to save personal files
    • Google Drive, Cloud Computing
    • Addressing other specific questions

    Schedule a Help Session
    Currently we are scheduling 30-60 minute appointments with our Technology Librarian by appointment, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. To schedule an appointment, call 802-244-7036. Please let us know when you call what topic you would like help with.

    When scheduling a one-on-one technology help appointment, please remember:

    • Staff members are unable to troubleshoot or repair devices. The library is not liable for any damage to customer equipment that may occur during a help session.
    • Bring any device you need help with (including necessary power cords), or let the instructor know that you wish to use a library computer for instruction (Library computers run on the Windows 10 operating system).
    • Staff may not be able to provide assistance for all device types, programs, and problems. Appointments are available based on library staff availability; customers can only book sessions one at a time.
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    Food For Thought Book Group

    Food For Thought Book Group

    Regular meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Library, and reading selections alternate between fiction and nonfiction. New members are always welcome. Stop by the Help Desk to pick up your copy of the next book.


    Rough Beauty: Forty Seasons of Mountain Living - Wed. May 15th

    Determined to live an independent life on her own terms, Karen Auvinen flees to a primitive cabin in the Rockies to live in solitude as a writer and to embrace all the beauty and brutality nature has to offer. When a fire incinerates every word she has ever written and all of her possessions—except for her beloved dog Elvis, her truck, and a few singed artifacts—Karen embarks on a heroic journey to reconcile her desire to be alone with her need for community. (We do not have copies of the book to hand out - they are available through Inter Library Loan or through your local bookstore.)


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    Monthly Genealogy Quest Group

    Are you interested in learning how to go about finding your family history?

    Join the Genealogy Quest Group, which meets here in the Library on the last Tuesday of each month (except during summer months). Meetings are free and open to the public. Meetings begin at 7:00pm and are located in the SAL room.

    Upcoming Meetings:

    (Meetings begin at 7:00pm)

    • Tuesday, April 30 – “Early Settlers of Waterbury & Duxbury” with Skip Flanders
    • Tuesday, May 28 - Program planning for 2019-2020; followed by Open Discussion
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