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The WPL Streaming Video Archive


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The Honeybee Stringband

Beyond creating community when they play, steelbands also have a “multigenerational feeling,” Lanxner said. The group’s membership varies but generally includes seven or eight musicians, including five steelpan players, ranging in age from 13 to their late 70s.

A Virtual Tour of the Waterbury Reservoir 

Through informative photos, videos, & narrative, learn about the history of the reservoir, the geology of the area, the varied wildlife found in and around the water, the different recreational opportunities available, and the challenges faced by the reservoir. Q & A follows.


Vermont Civilian Conservation Camps

Waterbury had two CCC Camps: the first, established in 1933, was just off North Main Street where the athletic field and swimming pool are today.  The second, the “Charles M. Smith” was established in 1935 and was originally composed of WWI vets who constructed the earthen dam built on Little River to help prevent flooding of the Winooski River.


Beekeeping and Bees

The VERMONT BEE LAB leads a discussion on bees, beekeeping, and current projects! The Vermont Bee Lab, at the University of Vermont, is a laboratory dedicated to the protection of pollinators through research, education, and outreach. 

Blues and Jews

The secret relationship between Jews and Blacks between 1930-1960 had a profound effect on American popular music. Both ethnic groups borrowed from one another in search of common themes such as redemption, hope, prejudice, faith, and the desire to be accepted as American. The collaboration of Black and Jewish composers and performers created a rich body of popular swing and jazz music that made them feel American. This presentation includes images and recordings of black artists that sang Jewish songs and Jewish artists performing in a jazz style.