Be Tick Smart! – 9/24 (Tues)

What: Be Tick Smart!

When: Tuesday, September 24th – 3pm & 6:30pm

The Waterbury Public Library will be hosting Vermont Department of Health Epidemiologist and Infectious Disease Designee Twyla deNeergaard, on Tuesday, September 24th to educate and inform both children and adults on ticks and tick-borne diseases.  Nurse deNeergaard will be giving two programs that day at 3:00 and 6:30 pm respectively.

Ticks are more prevalent in Vermont than they used to be.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the numbers have more than tripled from 2004.  The longer shoulder seasons (fall and spring) give ticks time to find a host to over-winter, which in turn aids in the spread of tick-borne diseases.  And though adult ticks might be vulnerable to the cold, larva and nymphs (young ticks) hiding in the ground cover, are not.  Ninety-nine percent of all tick-borne diseases reported are caused by the blacklegged tick, according to the Vermont Department of Health.  Blacklegs are also known as deer ticks because of the ticks’ common host: white tailed deer.

What to do?  Be Tick Smart!

“Be a Tick Detective” – For Children (3pm)

“Be a Tick Detective” at 3 pm will use interactive games for children to learn how to identify ticks, find out about their habitat, and how to protect themselves from being bitten. (Lyme disease will also be addressed as well.)  The children will also get to examine real tick specimens with a magnifying glass.  (Don’t worry they’re not alive!)

Tickborne Diseases in Vermont – For Adults (6:30pm)

At 6:30 pm for adults, deNeergaard will focus on the Black-legged tick, the pathogens/germs it carries, its life cycle, and what it means for us humans interacting with these ticks.  She will also review the common and not-so-common diseases they carry.  The program will conclude with protection strategies everyone can employ to diminish risk.

DeNeergaard has been working as a professional nurse for over 45 years and has been licensed in three states.  She has been with the Vermont Department of Health over 22 years, currently serving as the Epidemiology/Infectious Disease Designee, and overseeing the Immunization Program. A native Vermonter, she lives in Cabot with her husband.


One Town At A Time Screening – 10/4 (Fri)


  • One Town at a Time (view a trailer for the film: is a documentary that explores Vermont through the lens of the 251 Club of Vermont.
  • The film will be screened on Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 7pm in Waterbury at the Waterbury Municipal’s Steele Room, 28 N Main Street, Waterbury, VT.
  • This screening is part of a summer screening tour:
  • The film includes diverse voices from across Vermont, such as Former Gov. Jim Douglas and Ben & Jerry’s co-founder, Jerry Greenfield.


Vermont has 251 towns. Explore them all…One Town at a Time.

In the summer of 2006, between semesters at college, director Mike Leonard took on the challenge of visiting every town in the state of Vermont by joining the 251 Club – a unique organization dedicated to exploring The Green Mountain State. With his two best friends in tow, he interviewed locals and visited some of Vermont’s most celebrated places. After living outside Vermont for over a decade, Mike moved back home and decided to revisit the 251 Club – returning to some of the same places and re-interviewing some of the same people he met 12 years ago. He witnessed how Vermont has changed, how it has stayed the same, and, ultimately, how a humble wayfarer’s club shaped his identity forever. One Town at a Time is a documentary film sharing this experience and invites others to hop in for a ride around Vermont’s 251 towns and cities. The film will be screened in Waterbury at the Waterbury Municipal’s Steele Room on Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 7pm as part of a summer screening tour traveling around Vermont.

One Town at a Time is a coming-of-age story that combines retro footage from 2006 with contemporary footage to fully reflect on Vermont’s changing cultural and physical landscape. It is firmly rooted in the community spirit that makes Vermont’s towns so special, including diverse voices from across the state such as Former Governor Jim Douglas and Ben & Jerry’s co-founder, Jerry Greenfield. In addition to the director’s experience, you will hear from 251 Club members of all kinds and, after listening to their stories of traveling through Vermont, you’ll want to start exploring as well.

This event is free and will be followed by a question and answer session with the film’s director, Mike Leonard. The entire program will last two hours.

Intro To Excel – 10/22 (Tues)

Intro to Excel – Tues, Oct. 22nd, 6:30pm

Learn the basics of Excel – how to set up a spreadsheet, how to enter info, how to use simple formulas, and where to go to learn more! Space is limited, so registration is required.

Call the library at 244-7036

Crafty Tuesdays

Tissue Paper Balloon Bowl

Tuesday, September 10, 3-4 PM.

Make a bowl using a balloon, tissue paper, and glue. Once the tissue paper dries, kids will be able to pop the balloon to see the craft they have created.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Folded Paper Bracelets

Tuesday, September 17, 3-4 PM.

Kids will make a bracelet using a simple fold and connecting the folded pieces by adding the folded pieces to each other making a long chain. If there is time they may be able to make more than one and connect them together to make a wider band.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Wednesday Maker Series – Ages 6-11 (Weds)

Wednesday Maker Series – Ages 6-11 (Weds)

Space is limited – please call 244-7036 to register.

LEGO® Challenge: Outer Space

Wednesday, September 4,  3-4 PM.

Strengthen your STEM muscles and spark your imagination with an abundance of Lego bricks.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Alka Seltzer Rockets

Wednesday, September 11, 3-4 PM.

Kids will learn how to create the classic science experiment, alka seltzer rockets. They are incredibly easy to put together and launch! The rockets have tons of potential for the type of trial and error experimentation that makes an excellent first foray into the field of physics.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Air Glider Challenge

Wednesday, September 18, 3-4 PM.

Kids will put together foam gliders. The kids will take them out to the children’s garden to see how far they can make the gliders fly.

Ages 6 – 11 years.


Breakout of Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Wednesday, September 25, 3-4 PM.

This breakout game is based on a book written by author Chris Grabenstein. Kids will work together to figure outthe different clues left around the library to unlock a series of locks which leads them to a large breakout box. This box will have a combination lock on it. Once they have figured out the final lock combination they will find out what is inside the box.

Ages 6 – 11 years.




Beginner’s Bridge – Weds (Sept. & Oct.)

When: Beginning on Wednesday, September 4th and running through October 23rd from 6-8 pm

If you’ve always wanted to play bridge but felt intimidated, come to the Waterbury Library for a 8 week Beginners’ Bridge tutorial.

You may have played growing up or watched your parents back-in-the-day and wondered what it was all about.  Perhaps you play currently but want to go deeper into the strategies.  How do you bid?  What is the order?  What about your partner? How do you agree?  What is the language? What does trump mean and how does it function?

And then there is the play.  How do you play the hands?  How do you score? What does a rubber mean?  So many questions.

Grace Sweet has been playing bridge all of her adult life and began learning when she was just twelve. A retired elementary school teacher, Grace knows how to take a complicated subject and break it down into the basics.  She will go over the rudimentary plays and guide participants step-by-step.

Learn why bridge players are sharp in their old age.  Learn why bridge is “the game for a lifetime.”  Come away from the series more confident and skilled and have the option to join in a weekly bridge group right here in Waterbury.

Call 244-7036 to register.  Eight people or two tables is the player limit, however others are welcome to sit in, observe and learn.