Adult Virtual Programs and Resources

Good Things, Online

NPR STREAM LIVE CONCERTS: A List Of Live Virtual Concerts To Watch During The Coronavirus Shutdown.

Ted Talks (Playlist 1): How to sustain meaningful relationships (near and far). These talks can help guide you in nurturing close, meaningful bonds with a long-distance partner, family, a new acquaintance or someone in between.

#CURATORBATTLE: The weekly #curatorbattle is a challenge to museums around the world to put forward objects related to the weeks particular theme. 

Museums to Explore Virtually: Thanks to the digitization of museum collections and new online virtual tours, some of the world’s most popular cultural institutions can be explored from home. The world’s great museums just a click away!

Ted Talks (Playlist 2): Staying in? Geek out. A fun, nerdy collection of thought-provoking talks perfect for days when you want to sit back, relax and spend time indoors.

The Joy of Painting: Every glorious episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. Spend some time with the man who lived his favorite saying, “there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen.

Zoos and Aquariums: Hippos, pandas, otters, elephants and more can be viewed through webcams, virtual tours and “home safaris.” You might even catch a penguin “waddle walk” if you’re lucky.

Ted Talks (Playlist 3): The fight against viruses. What we do (and don’t) know about viruses, pandemics and the vaccines that combat them.

Google Earth National Park Tours: Virtual tours of 31 United States National Parks.

Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour: Explore the iconic building through a virtual tour with additional info, short videos and royal family info. Live Cams: Live streams from animals around the world.’s live cam collection is nicknamed “Pearls of the Planet”. The mission is to allow people to experience nature up close and personal so they can fall in love with the world.