Digital tools for travelers / Tues., Jan. 25 / 6:30PM / ZOOM

Digital tools for travelers in the time of COVID.

Tuesday, January 25th at 6:30PM via ZOOM.

Many countries are beginning to require travelers to provide mandatory information before and after you can enter their country by using digital tools like smart phone apps.

These apps allow your information to process quickly and be transmitted to the relevant authorities, which is essential for travel during a pandemic.

This, in theory, should allow for faster border crossing and limit contact.

But what if you aren’t skilled at using smart phone apps? What if you don’t even own a smart phone?

In this class, we will use the ArriveCAN app to go through the process of registering to enter Canada. We will also look at other apps and talk about what to do if you don’t own a smart phone.

Any and all questions are welcome!

If anyone has used one of these apps to enter another country recently and would be willing to share your experience, that would be great!