Dungeons and Dragons / SAT. 12-4 / Discord

Beginner Dungeons and Dragons

Saturdays from 12-4 pm via Discord


If you have ever wanted to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons or are a veteran looking for a group to play with, this starter-friendly campaign, designed and led by Dungeon  Master Vinni Yasi, will allow for both a fun learning experience and open-ended gameplay.

Feel free to log into the server at any time, where we can provide answers to questions and develop a welcoming community!

Dungeons and Dragons is a communal storytelling game. The first part of the class will be the set-up- the character creation & the rules- then participants will have a chance to jump right into the game. All you need to play is an internet capable computer (or similar device) and a microphone. A set of polyhedral dice, and paper and pencil can be a plus!

Ages Teen to Adult- moderate computer skills are handy.