Embodied Poetry / Sept. 27 / 6pm / SAL

Embodied Poetry Community Workshop

A Felt Sense of Words.

September 27th from 6-7 pm in the Library’s Sal Room.

Join poet Mary Rose Dougherty and Mindful Movement practitioner Becky Widschwenter as they guide participants in exploring breath awareness through spoken poems, writing, and movement.

Before we have the words to say it, we must experience what we feel in our body. Expressive creativity when merged with a felt sense, has the power to shift heaviness to a lightness of being, nourish the body, ignite the imagination, and center the soul.

No prior writing, nor movement/meditation experience necessary. All are welcome.

Please register by calling 802.244.7036 or emailing judi@waterburypubliclibrary.com.