Adult Audio Books on CD

Adult Audio Books on CD as of 01/07/2021
Author                              Title
Evanovich, Janet Seven up
Abbott, Jeff The three Beths /
Aciman, Andre Find me
Adams, Noah The Flyers
Adams, Noah The flyers
Adiga, Aravind. The White Tiger
Agassi, Andre Open
Akpan, Uwem Say you’re one of them
Albert, Annabeth Rough terrain
Albom, Mitch The five people you meet in heaven
Alcott, Kate The dressmaker
Alcott, Kate The daring ladies of Lowell
Alder, Ken The Measure of all Things
Allende, Isabel My Invented Country
Andrews, Mary Kay Sunset Beach
Archer, Jeffrey Cometh the hour
Atkinson, Kate Transcription
Atwood, Margaret The handmaid’s tale
Backman, Fredrik Britt-Marie was here
Backman, Fredrik Beartown
Baker, Chandler Whisper network
Baldacci, David Walk the wire (CD)
Baldacci, David, King and Maxwell
Baldacci, David, The fallen
Baldacci, David. One summer
Baldacci, David. The forgotten
Baldwin, James, If Beale Street could talk :
Banks, Russell. The Darling.
Bardugo, Leigh Ninth house /
Barr, Nevada. Winter Study.
Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel
Beaton, M. C. Death of a kingfisher
Beaton, M. C. Death of yesterday
Beaton, M. C., Death of a ghost
Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin and the terrible tourist
Beaton, M.C. Agatha Raisin and the murderous marriage
Beck, Joseph Madison. My father and Atticus Finch
Bertino, Marie-Helene. 2 A.M. AT THE CAT’S PAJAMAS (CD)
Binchy, Maeve. A week in winter
Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut street
Bloom, Amy, White houses :
Bobotis, Andrea, The last list of Miss Judith Kratt :
Bohjalian, Chris, Close your eyes, hold hands
Bohjalian, Chris, The guest room [sound recording]:
Bohjalian, Chris, The red lotus
Box, C. J. The Bitterroots :
Bradford, Barbara Taylor, The Cavendon luck :
Bradley,  Alan, Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d
Bradley, C. Alan, I am half-sick of shadows
Bradley, C. Alan, Speaking from among the bones
Bradley, C. Alan, A red herring without mustard
Bradley, C. Alan, The weed that strings the hangman’s bag
Bradley, C. Alan, The dead in their vaulted arches
Bradley, C. Alan, The sweetness at the bottom of the pie
Bradley, C. Alan, The grave’s a fine and private place
Bradley, C. Alan, The golden tresses of the dead /
Bradley, C. Alan, As chimney sweepers come to dust :
Brennan-Jobs, Lisa, Small fry /
Brooks, Geraldine. The secret chord
Brown, Eleanor, The light of Paris
Brown, Rita Mae. Cat’s eyewitness
Bryson, Bill, The road to Little Dribbling :
Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything/Bill Bryson.
Butler, Nickolas, Shotgun lovesongs /
Cain, Susan. Quiet:
Carnarvon, Fiona, Lady Almina and the real Downton Abbey
Cast, P. C. Goddess of the sea
Chabon, Michael. Summerland.
Chamberlain, Mary, The dressmaker’s war
Chase, Eve. Black Rabbit Hall
Chevalier, Tracy, At the edge of the orchard :
Chevalier, Tracy. Falling angels
Child, Lee. One shot
Chopra, Deepak Metahuman :
Christie, Agatha Five Little Pigs/ Agatha Christie audiocassette.
Christie, Agatha Why Didn’t they ask Evans?.
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
Christie, Agatha The A.B.C. Murders/Agatha Christie.
Christie, Agatha Pocket full of rye/ Agatha Christie
Christie, Agatha The Sittaford mystery
Clark, Mary Higgins, The melody lingers on :
Clark, Mary Higgins, All by myself, alone :
Clark, Mary Higgins. The second time around
Clark, Mary Higgins. All dressed in white
Cleave, Chris. Little Bee
Coates, Ta-Nehisi, The water dancer
Coates, Ta-Nehisi. Between the world and me
Cobbs, Elizabeth, The Tubman command /
Coleman, Reed Farrel, Robert B. Parker’s blind spot
Connelly, Michael, The gods of guilt
Connelly, Michael, Dark sacred night /
Connelly, Michael, The night fire /
Conroy, Pat. My reading life
Cornwell, Bernard, Warriors of the storm
Cornwell, Bernard. The last kingdom
Coulter, Catherine, The lost key /
Coulter, Catherine. The Devil’s Triangle.
Coveney, Michael, Maggie Smith
Crais, Robert A dangerous man (CD)
Cronin, Justin, The city of mirrors /
Cummins, Jeanine American dirt /
Cunningham, Michael, The snow queen :
Dallas, Sandra, Westering women :
Daria, Alexis You had me at hola /
de la Pena, Matt, The living
Delaney, JP, Believe me :
Delinsky, Barbara. Looking for Peyton Place
Deng, Alephonsion, Disturbed in their nests :
Dev, Sonali Pride, prejudice, and other flavors
Dev, Sonali, A distant heart /
Dickens, Charles Great Expectations/ Charles Dickens
Doerr, Anthony, All the light we cannot see :
Doiron, Paul, The bone orchard /
Douglass, Frederick A Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave.
Doyle, Glennon, Untamed /
Duncan, Dayton. Horatio’s Drive.
Duncan, Dayton. The national parks
Edwards, Kim, The memory keeper’s daughter
Egan, Jennifer. A Visit from the Goon Squad
Erdrich, Louise, The night watchman
Evanovich, Janet, Takedown twenty /
Evanovich, Janet, Top secret twenty-one /
Evanovich, Janet, Look alive twenty-five /
Evanovich, Janet. Three Plums in One.
Ewan, Chris Long time lost /
Fairstein, Linda A. The bone vault
Faulkner, William The sound and the fury [sound recording] /
Faulks, Sebastian, Jeeves and the wedding bells /
Field, Sally In pieces :
Finder, Joseph. The fixer
Fishman, Charles. The Wal-Mart Effect
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby.
Flagg, Fannie, The whole town’s talking :
Flagg, Fannie. The All-Girl Filling Station’s last reunion
Fluke, Joanne, Christmas cake murder /
Flynn, Avery, Muffin top
Foley, Lucy The guest list :
Follett, Ken. The Pillars of the earth
Ford, Jamie. Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet /
Forster, E.M. A room with a view.
Foster, Alan Dean, The force awakens
Francis, Felix, Crisis /
Frank, Dorothea Benton. The hurricane sisters
Furst, Alan. Spies of the Balkans
Gabaldon, Diana. A breath of snow and ashes
Galbraith, Robert Lethal white /
Galbraith, Robert, The silkworm :
Gallo, Carmine, Talk like TED :
Gardner, Lisa, When you see me /
George, Elizabeth, A banquet of consequences
George, R. C., Lightning sky :
Gilbert, Elizabeth, City of girls /
Gilman, Susan Jane. Donna Has Left the Building
Goenawan, Clarissa, Rainbirds /
Goldberg, Natalie. Old friend from far away
Goldman, Matt. Gone to dust
Gottlieb, Lori, Maybe you should talk to someone :
Grafton, Sue. U is for undertow
Gray, Shelley Shepard, The gift /
Gregory, Philippa. The other Boleyn girl
Gregory, Philippa. The white queen
Grimes, Martha, Vertigo 42 :
Grisham, John, The rooster bar :
Grisham, John, The guardians :
Grisham, John, Camino winds
Grisham, John. Ford County
Grisham, John. A painted house
Groff, Lauren. Florida
Gruen, Sara. Water for elephants /
Haigh, Jennifer, Baker Towers
Hallowell, Janis. The annunciation of Francesca Dunn
Hannah, Kristin. Home front
Hannah, Sophie, The monogram murders /
Harman, Claire Charlotte Brontë
Harper, Jane The lost man /
Harris, Robert, The second sleep /
Harris, Thomas, Cari Mora :
Harrison, Jamie, The widow Nash :
Haruf, Kent. Benediction
Haruf, Kent. Our souls at night
Hawkins, Paula, Into the water
Hayes, Christopher, A colony in a nation /
Hendricks, Greer, An anonymous girl :
Hiaasen, Carl. Bad monkey
Hicks, Robert, The widow of the south
Hilderbrand, Elin, The rumor :
Hilderbrand, Elin, Here’s to us :
Hill, Napoleon, How to own your own mind /
Hillenbrand, Laura. Seabiscuit
Hillerman, Anne, Rock with wings /
Hillerman, Tony. The sinister pig
Hillerman, Tony. Hunting Badger.
Hoang, Helen, The kiss quotient /
Hoffman, Alice. The Museum of Extraordinary Things
Hornby, Nick. Juliet, naked
Hornby, Nick. A long way down
Horowitz, Anthony, The word is murder :
Hosseini, Khaled. The kite runner
Irving, John, Avenue of mysteries /
Itzkoff, Dave. Robin
Jackson, Joshilyn NEVER HAVE I EVER (CD)
James, P. D. Death comes to Pemberley
Jance, J. A. Clawback :
Jenoff, Pam, The lost girls of Paris :
Johansen, Iris Hindsight /
Johansen, Iris, Vendetta :
Johansen, Iris, Chaos /
Johnson, Craig Depth of Winter /
Johnson, LouAnne. Muchacho [sound recording]: a novel / LouAnne Johnson.
Johnson, Steven, How we got to now
Jones, Quincy The Best.
Jones, Sherry, Josephine Baker’s last dance :
Keeling, Ida, Can’t nothing bring me down
Kellerman, Jonathan. Gone
Khalifah, Khalid, Death is hard work :
Kingsolver, Barbara. Unsheltered /
Kinsella, Sophie. Remember me?
Kinsella, Sophie. I owe you one
Koontz, Dean R. Odd interlude
Krueger, William Kent This tender land /
Kuhn, William M. Mrs. Queen takes the train
Kushner, Tony, Angels in America :
Lagercrantz, David, The girl in the spider’s web /
Lagercrantz, David. The girl who takes an eye for an eye
Lahiri, Jhumpa. Unaccustomed earth
Lamb, Wally, I’ll take you there :
Lamott, Anne. Grace (eventually)
Larbalestier, Justine. My sister Rosa /
Larsson, Stieg, The girl with the dragon tattoo /
Larsson, Stieg, The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest
Larsson, Stieg, The girl who played with fire
Le Carre, John, Our kind of traitor
Lee, Harper. To kill a mockingbird /
Lelord, François. Hector and the search for happiness
Lepionka, Kristen The last place you look /
Letts, Elizabeth Finding Dorothy :
Levy, Buddy. Labyrinth of ice (CD)
Lewis, Sinclair, It Can’t Happen Here /
Littell, Robert, Young Philby
Llywelyn, Morgan Only the stones survive
Lodato, Victor Edgar & Lucy /
Ludlum, Robert, The Sigma protocol
Macomber, Debbie , A walk along the beach :
Macomber, Debbie, A girl’s guide to moving on
Macomber, Debbie, Navy brides /
Mandel, Emily St. John, The glass hotel :
Martel, Yann. Life of Pi
May, Rachel An American quilt :
Mayor, Archer, Tucker Peak /
Mayor, Archer. Open season :
McCall Smith, Alexander, The full cupboard of life
McCall Smith, Alexander, Blue shoes and happiness
McCall Smith, Alexander, In the company of cheerful ladies
McCall Smith, Alexander, The colors of all the cattle /
McCall Smith, R. A. In the company of cheerful ladies.
McCullough, David G. Brave companions
McCullough, David G. 1776
McKenna, Maryn. Beating Back the Devil
McLaughlin, James A., Bearskin :
Meek, James, The people’s act of love
Meltzer, Brad. The house of secrets
Messud, Claire, The burning girl /
Michaels, Fern. Point blank
Midorikawa, Emily. A secret sisterhood :
Miller, Madeline, Circe /
Miller, Michele W., Widows-in-law /
Mills, Mark, The information officer :
Monroe, Mary Alice, On Ocean Boulevard /
Morrison, Toni. Home
Mortimer, John Rumpole and the golden thread
Mortimer, John. A Rumpole Christmas
Mosley, Walter. Fortunate son/ Walter Mosley
Moyes, Jojo, One plus one
Moyes, Jojo, The giver of stars
Munro, Alice, Dear life
Newell, Kaylie, Lone Wolfe
Noonan, Rosalind. Where the lost girls go :
Obama, Barack, A promised land /
Obama, Michelle, Becoming /
Obioma, Chigozie, An orchestra of minorities /
O’Brian, Patrick. Twenty-one: The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey.
O’Brian, Patrick. The Mauritius Command.
Ondaatje, Michael, The cat’s table
Ondaatje, Michael, Warlight :
Orange, Tommy, There there
Potzsch, Oliver. The hangman’s daughter :
Paolini, Christopher. Eldest
Parks, Suzan-Lori. Getting Mother’s Body.
Patchett, Ann The Dutch house :
Patterson, James, Murder beyond the grave :
Penny, Louise A great reckoning
Penny, Louise, Kingdom of the blind /
Penny, Louise, A better man :
Perrotta, Tom, The abstinence teacher
Perry, Anne. Murder on the Serpentine
Persico, Joseph E. Franklin and Lucy
Philbrick, Nat. Mayflower
Picoult, Jodi, Lone wolf
Picoult, Jodi, A spark of light
Picoult, Jodi. Vanishing Acts/ Jodi Picoult
Pitts, Leonard, The last thing you surrender :
Pollan, Michael. Cooked
Powell, Julie. Julie and Julia
Preston, Douglas J, The pharaoh key
Preston, Douglas J., Beyond the ice limit /
Preston, Douglas J., Old bones /
Proulx, Annie. Fine just the way it is
Proulx, Annie. Bad dirt
Pullman, Philip, La Belle Sauvage /
Putney, Mary Jo, Once a scoundrel /
Quammen, David, The reluctant Mr. Darwin
Quinn, Kate. The Huntress
Ragnar Jonasson, Nightblind :
Rakoff, David. Don’t Get too comfortable
Randall, Lisa, Dark matter and the dinosaurs :
Rankin, Ian. Even dogs in the wild
Rivers, Susan, The second Mrs. Hockaday /
Roach, Mary. Stiff/ Mary Roach
Roberts, Nora Bay of Sighs
Roberts, Nora. Dark witch
Robertson, Eliza. Demi-gods
Robson, Jennifer, The gown :
Rosnay, Tatiana de, A secret kept
Rosnay, Tatiana de, The other story
Rothschild, Hannah, The improbability of love /
Rothstein, Richard The color of law :
Rowling, J. K. The casual vacancy
Rushdie, Salman. Haroun and the sea of stories
Russell, Mary Doria. Thread of Grace.
Russo, Richard, That old Cape magic
Sacks, Oliver W. Hallucinations
Sanderson, Brandon, Legion :
Sanderson, Brandon. Skin deep.
Sandford, John, Storm front
Sandford, John, Golden prey
Sandford, John, Field of prey
Saunders, George, Lincoln in the bardo
Scharer, Whitney The age of light :
Schott, Philipp, The accidental veterinarian :
Scottoline, Lisa. Killer smile
See, Lisa, The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane :
Semple, Maria. Where’d you go, Bernadette
Serle, Rebecca In five years /
Setterfield, Diane. The thirteenth tale/ Diane Setterfield
Shaffer, Mary Ann. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Shakespeare, William King Lear.
Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice.
Shakespeare, William Measure for Measure.
Shakespeare, William The two gentlemen of Verona.
Shakespeare, William Macbeth.
Shakespeare, William The taming of the shrew.
Shakespeare, William Romeo & Juliet.
Shakespeare, William All’s well that ends well.
Shakespeare, William As you like it.
Shakespeare, William Timon of Athens.
Shakespeare, William Anthony and Cleopatra.
Shakespeare, William The two noble kinsmen.
Shakespeare, William Hamlet.
Shakespeare, William The comedy of errors
Shakespeare, William Midsummer night’s dream.
Shakespeare, William Othello.
Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night.
Shakespeare, William Richard II.
Shakespeare, William Love’s labor’s lost.
Shakespeare, William The merry wives of Windsor
Shakespeare, William Coriolanus.
Shakespeare, William Titus Andronicus.
Shakespeare, William The Tempest.
Shakespeare, William Julius Caesar.
Shakespeare, William Cymbeline.
Shakespeare, William The Winter’s Tale.
Shakespeare, William King John.
Shakespeare, William Richard III.
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing.
Shakespeare, William Henry IV Part one.
Shakespeare, William Pericles.
Shakespeare, William Henry VI Part 3
Shakespeare, William Henry VIII.
Shakespeare, William Henry V.
Shakespeare, William Henry VI Part 1.
Shakespeare, William Henry VI Part 2.
Shakespeare, William Henry IV Part 2.
Shakespeare, William Troilus and Cressida.
Shalvis, Jill, Almost just friends :
Shapiro, Barbara A., The art forger
Shattuck, Jessica, The women in the castle :
Shreve, Anita, Stella Bain :
Shreve, Anita. Body surfing
Silva, Daniel, The unlikely spy
Silva, Daniel, The other woman /
Silva, Daniel, 1960- Portrait of a spy [sound recording] / Daniel Silva.
Simon, Carly, Boys in the trees :
Slaughter, Karin, Last breath /
Smith, Dodie, I capture the castle
Smith, Nicholas Sansbury. Trackers
Smith, Sherri L. Flygirl /
Steel, Danielle. Blue
Stohl, Margaret. Royce rolls
Strout, Elizabeth Olive, again /
Strout, Elizabeth, Anything is possible :
Strout, Elizabeth. My name Is Lucy Barton
Tobin, Colm, Brooklyn
Tobin, Colm, House of names
Talley, Robin Pulp /
Taylor, Patrick, An Irish country wedding
Thayer, Nancy, The island house
Thomas, Angie The hate u give
Thomas, Angie The hate u give
Thor, Brad, Foreign agent :
Todd, Charles, Racing the devil /
Todd, Charles, A cruel deception
Tolkien, J.R.R. The return of the King.
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Fellowship of the Ring.
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Two Towers.
Tolkin, Michael NK3 /
Towles, Amor, A gentleman in Moscow/
Towles, Amor, A gentleman in Moscow/
Trigiani, Adriana, The Supreme Macaroni Company :
Trigiani, Adriana. Rococo.
Tsukiyama, Gail. A hundred flowers
Turow, Scott. Ordinary heroes
Twain, Mark Chapters from my autobiography
Tyler, Anne Clock dance /
Tyler, Anne. The beginner’s goodbye
Tyson, Neil deGrasse, Space chronicles :
Updike, John. Terrorist
Velton, Sonia Black berry & wild rose
Waite, Olivia The care and feeding of waspish widows /
Walker, Adrian J. The end of the world running club /
Wallace, Michael. Destroying Angel
Wallace, Randall. Pearl Harbor
Walter, Jess, Beautiful ruins
Weiner, Eric, The geography of genius :
Weir, Andy, The Martian :
Weir, Andy, Artemis /
White, Michael C. Soul catcher /
Whitehead, Colson, The Nickel boys :
Wiggs, Susan, The Lost and Found Bookshop /
Wilkerson, Isabel. The warmth of other suns
Williams, Beatriz The golden hour /
Willig, Lauren. The Deception of the emerald ring/ Lauren Willig
Willig, Lauren. The masque of the black tulip
Wilson, Edward O. The origins of creativity
Winchester, Simon, A crack in the edge of the world :
Wingate, Lisa, Before we were yours :
Winspear, Jacqueline, The care and management of lies :
Winspear, Jacqueline, In this grave hour
Wodehouse, P. G Jeeves and the feudal spirit
Wodehouse, P. G. Carry on, Jeeves!
Wodehouse, P. G. Jeeves & Wooster
Wodehouse, P. G. Jeeves & Wooster
Wodehouse, P. G. Jeeves and Bertie
Wodehouse, P. G. Much obliged, Jeeves
Wodehouse, P. G. Jeeves and the Mating season
Wolfe, Paul, The lost diary of M :
Woodehouse, P.G. How Right you are, Jeeves[CD] :
Woods, Stuart ; Choppy water
Woods, Stuart, Scandalous behavior
Woods, Stuart, Treason
Woodson, Jacqueline, Red at the bone /
Wulf, Andrea, The invention of nature :
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz. The shadow of the wind
Zinn, Howard. A people’s history of the United States
The wilderness road
Voices of Black America.
A Life in the Arts/The Best of NPR
Scary Stories Frightening Tales for Halloween.
Masters of Flamenco Guitar
The Three Documents that made America.
Great classic science fiction stories
Wartime lives
Travel tales
NPR driveway moments
Driveway moments
Learn Arabic now!
The displaced :