New Arrivals – Adult Collection

New Materials as of 3/29/2021


Adult Fiction


Banks, Russell,


Crawford, Isis,

A catered book club murder

Evanovich, Janet

The bounty

Ishiguro, Kazuo,

Klara and the sun

Berry, Steve,

The kaiser’s web

Cosby, S. A.,

Blacktop wasteland

Dallas, Sandra.


Keillor, Garrison,

The Lake Wobegon virus

Reyes, Dolores,


Semegran, Scott,

The benevolent lords of sometimes island

Todd, Charles,

A fatal lie

Tursten, Helene,

Hunting game


Adult Nonfiction


Bubriski, Kevin,

Our voices, our streets

Dennett, Charlotte,

The crash of Flight 3804

Thiers, Barbara M.,


McGhee, Heather C.,

The sum of us

Ally, Kristine,

Overcoming social anxiety

Goodman, David,

Best backcountry skiing in the Northeast


Vermont Almanac

Welch, Donald R.

Cause of the will

Schwartz, Heather E.,

Kamala’s way


Adult Biography


Osnos, Evan,

Joe Biden

Tyson, Cicely,

Just as I am

Yessne, Dinah

Politically defined

Ngo, Andy,


Phelps, M. William,

We thought we knew you

Jaouad, Suleika,

Between two kingdoms

Hakakian, Roya

A beginner’s guide to America




Kendi, Ibram X (editor)

Four hundred souls

Berenson, Alex,

The power couple

Lee, Chang-rae,

My year abroad

Benedict, Marie,

The mystery of Mrs. Christie




Adult & Young Adult Graphic Novels


Spain, Rodruguez


Manning, Matthew et. Al.

DC Comics crónica visual definitiva

Jennings, John,

After the rain

Osajyefo, Kwanza,


Skelly, Katie,


Walker, David,

Family business

Walker, David,

Bitter root