New Arrivals – Adult Collection

July New Arrivals – Adult Collection


Adult Fiction

Coelho, Paulo Brida
Castillo, Linda, Shamed /
Gilman, Susan Jane, Donna has left the building :
Green, Jane, The friends we keep /
Harris, Thomas, Cari Mora /
Hilderbrand, Elin, Summer of ’69 /
King, Reed, FKA USA :
Macomber, Debbie Window on the bay :
Marlantes, Karl, Deep river :
McCall Smith, Alexander, The second-worst restaurant in France /
Orringer, Julie The flight portfolio /
Patterson, James, Sophia, princess among beasts /
Roberts, Nora, Under currents /
Ahava, Selja, Things that fall from the sky /
Atkinson, Kate Big sky /
Baldacci, David, One good deed /
Carlisle, Kate, The book supremacy /
Chung, Catherine The tenth muse :
Doiron, Paul, Almost midnight /
Edugyan, Esi, Washington Black /
Gailey, Sarah Magic for liars /
Harms, Kelly, The overdue life of Amy Byler /
Horowitz, Anthony, The sentence is death :
Hummel, Maria, Still lives :
Jalaluddin, Uzma Ayesha at last /
Kamali, Marjan The stationery shop /
Lombardo, Claire, The most fun we ever had /
Macomber, Debbie Window on the bay :
Moore, Meg Mitchell The islanders :
Mosse, Kate, The burning chambers /
Nesbo¸, Jo, Knife /
Porter, Regina, The travelers :
Riley, Katherine Forbes, The bobcat :
Rose, Danielle Lies we keep :
Rosenberg, Jordy, Confessions of the fox :
Ryan, Jennifer The spies of Shilling Lane :
Silva, Daniel, The new girl :
Smith, Dominic, The electric hotel /
Steel, Danielle, Lost and found :
Steinmetz, Ferrett, The Sol Majestic /
Sullivan, Laura L., Milady /
Taylor, David C., Night watch /
Thayer, Nancy, Surfside sisters :
Vuong, Ocean, On earth we’re briefly gorgeous :
Waxman, Abbi, The bookish life of Nina Hill /
Whitehead, Colson, The nickel boys :
Williams, Tad, The witchwood crown /
Yolen, Jane, The last tsar’s dragons /

Adult Nonfiction

Harari, Yuval N. 21 lessons for the 21st century /
Rubin, Gretchen, Outer order, inner calm :
Bisaga, Adam, Overcoming opioid addiction :
Williamson, Marianne, A politics of love :
Mehta, Suketu, This land is our land :
Anderson, Carol One person, no vote :
Delaney, John, The right answer :
Meacham, Jon Songs of America :
Atkinson, Rick The British are coming :
Schilling, Dan, Alone at dawn :
Warren, Elizabeth, This fight is our fight :
Brooks, David, The second mountain :
Huckelbridge, Dane, No beast so fierce :
The climate report :
Richardson, Mark, Native plants for New England gardens /
Elpel, Thomas J., Botany in a day :
Levine, Lynn, Identifying ferns the easy way :
Rutherford, Adam, A brief history of everyone who ever lived :
Ward, Peter D. Lamarck’s revenge :
Castro, Julián, An unlikely journey :
Yang, Andrew The war on normal people :
Meier, Barry Pain killer :
Orzech, Catherine Polan, Mindfulness for insomnia :
Strathdee, Steffanie, The perfect predator :
Ensler, Eve, The apology /
Citro, Joseph A. The Vermont monster guide /
Ring, Wilson, Catching Murphy /
Searls, Paul M., Repeopling Vermont :
Zebian, Najwa. Sparks of Phoenix /
Yousafzai, Ziauddin Let her fly :
Booker, Cory, United :
Page, Susan The matriarch :
Gillibrand, Kirsten, Off the sidelines :
Iguodala, Andre, The sixth man :
Yankee weather proverbs /


Downing, Samantha. My lovely wife
Frank, Dorothea Benton, Queen bee :
Miller, Linda Lael The Yankee widow /
Chiaverini, Jennifer, Resistance women :
Hilderbrand, Elin, Summer of ’69 /
Patterson, James, Unsolved /
Steel, Danielle Lost and found :

Adult Audiobooks on CD

Baker, Chandler, Whisper network /
Dev, Sonali Pride, prejudice, and other flavors
Gilbert, Elizabeth, City of girls /
Gilman, Susan Jane. Donna Has Left the Building
Harris, Thomas, Cari Mora :
Jackson, Joshilyn NEVER HAVE I EVER (CD)
Khalifah, Khalid, Death is hard work :
Kushner, Tony, Angels in America :
McCall Smith, Alexander, The colors of all the cattle /
Gottlieb, Lori, Maybe you should talk to someone :
Pitts, Leonard, The last thing you surrender :
Quinn, Kate. The Huntress
Scharer, Whitney The age of light :
Whitehead, Colson, The Nickel boys :


Veterans Roundtable with John Speights
Angry Inuk /
Call the midwife.
Understanding the opioid epidemic /