New Arrivals – Children’s & Young Adult Collection

New Materials as of 5/18/21 
Juvenile Fiction 
Colfer, Eoin,The Fowl twins :
Colfer, EoinThe Fowl twins /
DiTerlizzi, Tony.The battle for WondLa /
Osborne, Mary Pope.Pirates past noon /
Mbalia, Kwame,Tristan Strong destroys the world /
Riordan, RickThe burning maze /
Riordan, Rick,The tyrant’s tomb /
Riordan, Rick,The Tower of Nero /
Rowling, J. K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets /
Roy, Ron,The runaway racehorse /
Wolk, Lauren,Echo Mountain /
Lobel, Arnold.Frog and Toad all year /
Butler, M. Christina.One snowy night /
Van Dusen, Chris.Learning to ski with Mr. Magee /
Berenstain, Stan,The Berenstain bears’ trouble at school /
Schertle, Alice,Little Blue Truck’s valentine /
Juvenile Nonfiction 
Juettner, CarieThe ghostly tales of New England /
Dendy, Leslie A.,Tracks, scats, and signs /
 Vroom! :
 The big, fun kids cookbook /
Kasahara, Kunihiko,Origami omnibus :
DuBosque, Doug.Draw rainforest animals /
Anderson, KirstenWho is Kamala Harris? /
Easy Readers 
Jenner, Caryn,Frozen worlds /
Willems, Mo,An Elephant & Piggie biggie!
Willems, Mo,An Elephant & Piggie biggie!
Willems, Mo,An Elephant & Piggie biggie! /
Willems, Mo,I want to sleep under the stars! /
Picture Books 
Brown, Dan,Wild symphony /
McCullough, Joy.Champ and Major :
Higgins, Ryan T.,We will rock our classmates /
 On the farm /
Houppert, Anne Marie,What about X? :
Smith, Brooke,The keeper of wild words /
Chinn, Karen,Sam and the lucky money /
Messner, Kate,Over and under the rainforest /
Sima, Jessie,Jules vs. the ocean /
Gaines, Joanna,The world needs who you were made to be /
Harris, Meena,Ambitious girl /
Lindstrom, Carole,We are water protectors /
Carle, Eric,Love from the very hungry caterpillar /
Daywalt, Drew,Love from the crayons /
Juvenile Graphic Novels
Dragoon, Leigh,Brightly woven :
Terciero, ReyMeg, Jo, Beth, and Amy :
Kibuishi, Kazu,Amulet.
Schweizer, Chris,Fix a car! /
Koch, Falynn,Bake like a pro! /
Myer, Sarah,Create a costume! /
Coovert, J. P.,Draw a comic! /
Frederick-Frost, Alexis,Grow a garden! /
Paige, DanielleMera :
Scrivan, MariaNat enough /
Scrivan, Maria,Forget me Nat /
Simpson, Dana,Phoebe and her unicorn /
Simpson, Dana,The unicorn whisperer :
Simpson, Dana,Camping with unicorns :
Simpson, Dana,Virtual unicorn experience :
Simpson, Dana,Unicorn on a roll :
Simpson, Dana,Unicorn vs goblins :
Simpson, Dana,Razzle dazzle unicorn :
Simpson, Dana,Unicorn crossing :
Simpson, Dana,Phoebe and her unicorn in the magic storm :
Simpson, Dana,Unicorn of many hats :
Simpson, Dana,Phoebe and her unicorn in unicorn theater /
Simpson, Dana,Unicorn bowling :
Smith, James Otis,Black heroes of the wild west /
Watterson, BillThe revenge of the baby-sat :
Yee, Reimena,Seance tea party /
Dean, Kim,Pete the Cat.
Games that an be checked out!
Clue carnival : 
Pinkalicious : 
G cereal boxes : 
3D Lenticular : 
Harlem Serenade : 
Adult/YA DVDs 
Steven Universe : 
News of the world  
Young Adult Graphic Novels
Bean, CaraLet’s talk about it :
Bendis, Brian Michael,Guardians of the Galaxy.
Bendis, Brian Michael,Guardians of the Galaxy.
Curato, Mike,Flamer /
Kochalka, James,Monkey vs. Robot :
Stiefvater, Maggie,Swamp Thing.
 This is what democracy looks like :
Larson, Gary.The far side gallery 5 /
Young Adult Fiction 
Hill, Hector,Lost one standing :
Thomas, Angie,Concrete rose /