PressReader is our new digital magazine and newspaper service

PressReader is our new digital Magazine and Newspaper subscription service and contains over 7000 digital magazines and newspapers from around the world, in multiple languages. You can read these eMagazines and eNewspapers in the PressReader app which is available on most devices’ app store, or in your desktop/laptop’s browser.

Experience the award-winning app on smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. Life is short! Read on the run with the PressReader app.

To get started, choose your operating system or device:


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Getting Started

  1. Visit PressReader.
  2. Click sign in, and select the “Library or Group” option
  3. Select “Waterbury Public Library” and sign in with your library card number and PIN (last 5 digits of library card number).
  4. Finish creating an account that can be used on the app or select “No, thanks” to proceed without an account
  5. Sign into your account every few weeks to keep your app account active.
  6. Download the app for Apple iOS or Android to use PressReader on your mobile device
  7. On the app, you can download newspapers for offline reading without subscribing.