Dungeons and Dragons - Weds in May

    When: Wednesday, May 1, 8, 15 & 29 at 3 to 4 PM

    Learn how to play an easy version of the game Dungeons and Dragons appropriate for 8-11 year olds.

    According to the American Library Association, “A worldwide pop culture phenomenon for more than 30 years, Dungeons & Dragons is a game played with books, paper and pencils. Players gather in groups to create heroic characters who journey together through a fantasy realm to discover treasure, fight monsters and triumph over adversity. Teens love D&D because it's exciting and interactive; educators love D&D because it thrives on creativity, imagination and cooperation (with a bit of math and reading thrown in)."

    Please call the library at 244-7036 to register.


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    Crafty Tuesdays (Kids 8-11)

    Kids ages 8-11 can join us for a variety of after-school craft activities on several Tuesdays. Space is limited - please call the library at 244-7036 to register.


    Cosmic Sun Catchers - Tuesday, May 14 from 3-4 PM

    It’s cosmic madness! Using plastic lids, food coloring and glue, make these amazing sun catchers that morph over time. The longer they sit in a sunny window and dry the more they will change. The food coloring will eventually begin to shrink as the glue hardens. When fully dry, peel the sun catcher off the lid, punch a hole through the top, add a string, and hang in a sunny spot.


    Watercolor & Oil Painting - Tuesday, May 28 from 3-4 PM

    This art project has a scientific twist, the concept that oil and water don’t mix. Kids will learn that no matter how hard you try these two liquids will avoid each other at all costs! Oil will either float on top or through the watercolors or, if applied to the paper first, prevent the watercolors from absorbing into the paper. The fun thing about this project is watching how the artwork changes as it dries. Kids will get to try a couple of variations of painting with oil and watercolors.



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    Maker Weds - (Kids 8-11)

    Maker series events are for children ages 8-11. Space is limited - please call to register: 244-7036


    Science projects part 2: Wed. March 20th—3:00—4:00PM*

    Kids will make a Tornado in a bottle and a Popsicle Stick Catapult with marshmallows. Ages 8-11 years.


    Circuit bugs: Wed. March 27th—3:00—4:00PM*

    Using copper tape, LED lights, a button battery, clothes pins, wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners kids will create bugs that light up. Ages 8-11 years.


    Creating with littleBits®: Wednesday, APRIL 3, 3:00—4:00PM*

    The littleBits® are kits that are composed of electronic building blocks that are color-coded, magnetic, and make complex technology simple and fun. The kits will be set up as stations for kids to explore and create. Ages 8-11 years.


    Create your own Slime: Wednesday, APRIL 10, 3:00—4:00PM*

    Learn how to make basic slime using household ingredients. Safe and Borax-free ingredients will be used such as craft glue, cornstarch and saline solution. Kids will be able to make different colored slime using food coloring to which they can add glitter or beads. Ages 8-11 years.


    Squishy Circuits: Wednesday, APRIL 24, 3:00—4:00PM*

    Squishy circuits are a fun way to learn and explore the basics of electricity and electrical circuits. Kids can create colorful sculptures by using conductive and insulating dough with LED lights and a battery pack.  Ages 8 to 11.

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    Weekly Story Times

    Mondays at 10:15 AM is Babies & Toddlers Story Time

    Snuggle with your baby or toddler as we sing, tickle and bounce our way into a lifelong love of language. Get ready for high-energy literacy with songs, active rhymes and stories. Got the wiggles? This is the place to be. Recommended for newborns - 36 months.

    Thursdays at 10:15 AM is Preschool Story Hour

    Join us as we travel to new places through books, puppets, and felt boards. A craft may be provided.  We'll shake our sillies out with movement-based rhymes.  Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

    Each week we will feature a different themed Story Time, with stories and/or crafts. Join us!



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    Starry Night Stories For Kids - 5/29 (Wed)

    When: Wednesday, May 29th - 6PM

    Join us for an evening story time filled with fun books from our favorites section and a craft that promote and develop language skills and imagination, where pajamas are encouraged but not required.

    Ages preschool up to 7 years.


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